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Mercy Cancer Center

State-of-the-Art Cancer Care for the Merced Community

Medical Oncology

  • Dr. Prasad Pillai
  • Dr. Parminder Sidhu

Radiation Oncology

  • Dr. Eric Ko 

Outstanding Care, Close to Home


To contact the Cancer Center call 209-564-3600

By partnering with UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center—a world-class cancer institute—the Mercy Cancer Center provides outstanding care, close to home. If you or a loved one face a cancer diagnosis, you want to be certain that you are getting the best cancer care possible. At the Mercy Cancer Center, state-of-the-art cancer therapies are delivered by compassionate cancer experts—who treat you like a person, not a number.

Today, there are many reasons for cancer patients to be optimistic about their prognosis. Cancers that were difficult to treat a generation ago are now routinely cured—a fact that millions of cancer survivors can affirm. There is a higher level of hope, and the Mercy Cancer Center has delivered it to the Merced community.

The UC Davis Connection

Patients benefit greatly from the Cancer Center’s partnership with UC Davis, a medical center on the leading edge of cancer research. UC Davis participates in national clinical trials—along with other premier institutions such as Harvard and Stanford—to test the next generation of cancer treatments. Patients in Merced now have easier access to UC Davis clinical trials through this connection. For people with advanced or complex cancers, clinical trials often provide the best hope.

Other aspects of this partnership help to ensure that Merced patients receive the best care: Cancer Center physicians can consult with their colleagues at UC Davis quickly and easily. Via video-conferencing (telemedicine), a team of UC Davis specialists—called a tumor board—can offer their expertise and support. Patients who need specialized care or a second opinion for more complex cancer diagnoses can be referred to a UC Davis specialist without delay. Cancer Center nurses have all undergone rigorous training at UC Davis to become Chemotherapy Certified.

Advanced Therapies Available at the Mercy Cancer Center

Today, cancer experts can choose a range of treatment options, from surgery to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In fact, two or three approaches are commonly combined to eradicate cancer. A breast cancer patient, for example, may be treated with radiation therapy followed by surgery and then chemotherapy. The Mercy Cancer Center has kept pace with the latest advancements in these fields to cure cancer effectively and with fewer side effects and less discomfort for patients.

Compassionate Support

At the Cancer Center, physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals treat people, not diseases. The staff’s passionate commitment to “whole-person care” means that they’ll go to great lengths to meet all their patients’ needs: medical, nutritional, social, emotional, and spiritual. No aspect of the comfort and well-being of patients is ever overlooked. Cancer Center patients can access services through Mercy Medical Center, such as nutrition counseling, spiritual counseling, support groups, and assistance from a social worker. Patients appreciate little touches to make each visit easier, such as complimentary snacks, a big-screen TV in the infusion room, and hugs, and conversation from the staff—who treat each patient like family. A healing garden adjacent to the Cancer Center serves as a soothing respite for patients, a place to relax with family or sit alone to pray or reflect among the trees and flowers.

Mercy Cancer Center Foundation 

Mercy Medical Center Merced Foundation Gifts to the Cancer Center can be directed for specific or general use. An acknowledgement for these tax-deductible contributions is sent to the donor and to the family of the person being honored.

For more information, call Mercy Medical Center Merced Foundation Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at
209-564-4200 or Donations can be mailed to MMCM Foundation at 2740 M Street, Merced, CA 95340

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