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Rehabilitation Services

Comprehensive Programs

The Mercy Rehabilitation Center is a comprehensive program of services designed to help patients return to productive lifestyles after injury or illness. Our interdisciplinary care team focuses on the individual needs of each patient. Our mission is to help each patient achieve a maximum level of independence and performance through the provision of goal oriented compassionate care.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services are available at:

Mercy Therapy Services
2740 M Street
Merced, CA 95340
(209) 564-4260 

Physical Therapy:

Spine Care
Sprains and Strains; Whiplash; Post Surgical Rehab; Nerve Impingement; TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)

Orthopedic and Sports Medicine
Post ACL and Joint Surgery; Sport and Task Specific Rehab; Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Industrial Rehabilitation
 Ergonomic Evaluation and Training; Repetitive Stress Injuries

Neurological Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehab; Ataxia and Balance; Functional Muscle Re-education; Head Injuries

Wound Care
Experienced Wound Care Therapists, Wound VAC, Pulse Lavage, Whirlpool, Dressing Changes, Compression Dressings

Lymphedema Therapy
Certified Lymphedema Therapists. Manual Lymph Drainage, Multilayered Compression Wrapping, Compression Garment Fitting.

Occupational Therapy:

Upper Extremity Repetitive Stress Interventions
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Tenosynovitis; Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Upper Extremity Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Surgical Tendon/Ligament Repairs; Colle's Fracture; Joint Replacement; Certified Hand Therapist

Splint Fabrication and Fitting
Custom Static and Dynamic Splints; Immobilization Splints

Neurological Rehabilitation
Muscle Re-education and Training following: Stroke, Head Injury, or Peripheral Nerve Damage

Speech Therapy:

Neurological Rehabilitation
Communication Evaluation and Training; Swallowing Evaluation for Dysphagia; Stroke and Head Injury; Developmental Language Deficiencies

Cardiac Rehabilitation:

Phase 1
Bedside Education re: The Cardiac Event; Expectations; Procedures; Guided Exercise Program

Phase 2
Custom Tailored Exercise Program; Constant Telemetry Monitoring (Heart Rate and Signal); Nutrition Education; Exercise Education; Pharmacology Education; Risk Factor and Lifestyle Education

Phase 3
After Phase 2 Graduation: Ongoing Exercise Program

Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

The goal of the program is to assist the individual to achieve the highest level possible of physical and mental well being. This is achieved by exercise therapy and breathing techniques to enhance physical conditioning and functioning, as well as education and counseling about self-care activities, medication regimes, stress management, nutrition and infection control.

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